Concord Life 2

Hope the last entry has helped you know more about the life in an international boarding school. This entry is about boarding students.

Q: When is the next Open Day?

A: Every day is our Open Day. You can pay the campus a visit any time during term time, we are always more than welcome to have you as a guest.

Q: What is the food like?

A: In the dining room we have usually five entrees, four deserts, two soups. We have a cold deli bar and three salad bars aside from the usual selections. Grab-and-go is also available. For those have special dietary requirements, you can tell the dining room staff.

Q: Where does a boarding student need to go to get his/her laundry done?

Each student will get his/her own laundry bag from the school in the beginning of the school year. You can then put your dirty clothes in it and pop in the common room/foyer of his/her boarding house on the laundry day. Cleaning staff will collect and wash them. Just before lessons end, they will return the bag with clothes folded (A really nice touch indeed).

Q: As the campus is quite big, how does the school do to ensure that a student is in or not?

A: Student ID cards. We have student card readers equipped in every classroom, Main Hall, the dining room, Old Chapel Common Room, West End, Acton Pigot and Burnell House.

Q: Do you have societies representing my own country?

A: Yes. We take pride ourselves as an international boarding school, but none us forget our own roots. As the school is more diversified than ever, there are more societies than ever participating the forthcoming Spring Concert, bringing their home cultures to Acton Burnell. (See above for the photo of some of them in their costumes for the concert.)

Hope you find the above information useful. See you for the next installment.

Yanshing Cheung 6.1