A Day in the Life: ‘A Typical Wednesday’

A Day in the Life: ‘A Typical Wednesday’


So far in the term, I have either an assembly or a PSHE session on Wednesday mornings. Class then commences as usual.


I have all my classes on Wednesday, except for Physics. I start off with Applied Maths in Evergreen Oaks, followed by two Art periods, which requires me to take a nice, relatively long walk out to the art block (but I get to see dogs on the way so it’s not that bad).


Come break-time, I only have one more class for the day. From the art block, I head towards Horse Chestnut for Pure Maths.


I am free for the day! I usually do not eat lunch in school on Wednesdays, as I like to go to town and get food there. I’m sure a lot of you would do the same!


(Probably in town by now)… Off to get lunch at either one of my go-to places. I would get some groceries with my friend, wander around shops. I find this to be a nice time to release mid-week stress amid university applications and admission tests preparation.


For first prep, I attend band coaching. Again, another time to relax and destress.


Second prep – time to do work again! And when that ends, I would spend time with friends and just relax for the rest of the night.

I would consider Wednesday as my most laid-back day. In addition to Wednesday being a half-day, I also have some extracurricular activities. When the day comes to an end, the last two days before Saturday tests arrive – and hence more studying commences.

– Tiffany Lim 6.2