The difficulty of choice

The difficulty of choice

Posted on: March 29th 2017


Sooner or later, we all face difficult choices in life. We doubt, we analyse, we hesitate. Academic choices, the ones that determine the fate of your future life, do have to be made (although way too early in my opinion). If you have already found a passion for your subject,…


Concord brought stories from the world to Longnor Primary School

Posted on: March 23rd 2017


Last Wednesday, members of Outreach Society visited Longnor School, and shared their stories of their own cultural background with local children. Longnor School is a local primary school 7 minutes away from Concord College. However, for the local children, the lives of Concord students may seem quite distant. Here, we…


Applying to medical school

Posted on: March 13th 2017

#Applying to medical school

Applying for a university place is not an easy ordeal. It can sometimes feel like jumping over a series of hurdles. However, applying for medicine makes things a bit more complicated. With thousands of applicants applying for a few hundred places, it is easy to feel as though the hurdles…


Valentine’s Day

Posted on: March 2nd 2017

#Valentine's Day

This week the school has been quite exciting I would say. I mean with Valentine’s Day coming up I am sure that every person here in Concord will be busy making Valentine’s plans and preparing Valentine’s Day gifts for their friends or loved ones. I guess this is what makes…