Theatre Severn Concert

Theatre Severn Concert

Posted on: November 28th 2016

#Mayor's Concert

After hours of choreography, weeks of practice and many sleepless nights, the big day had finally arrived. Over 300 Concord students descended on Theatre Severn just after midday, ready for the final dress rehearsal before the evening performance. With acts ranging from choirs to samba bands, Indonesian Saman dancing (above)…


Halloween at Concord

Posted on: November 24th 2016


In the spirit of Halloween, Concord’s Outreach society, which is a society that organizes charitable events for the student body, organized a Haunted House to raise money for charity. The entrance fee was £3 per person, and sure enough at about half past eight, a line of students stood outside…


First week of November

Posted on: November 14th 2016


Entering Concord College on the 1st November marked the start of a new half term for all students but marked the begin of a busy week for most UCAS 1 students. Students were busy catching up with each other, all with stories to tell. Many of these stories include experiences…


House Cross Country 2016

Posted on: November 8th 2016

#House Cross Country

“The key is to enjoy yourself….and win of course” (Enlai Cheng 6.2) One of the most anticipated events in the Concord calendar, the annual House Cross Country, occurred on the afternoon of the 12th of October, 2017 which was another one of those days that England’s weather couldn’t decide whether…