House Arts Competition

House Arts Competition

Posted on: October 23rd 2014

#House Arts

After weeks of anticipation and hard work every house got an opportunity to present their unique and outstanding performances. This year, teams were competing in four categories entitled as House Ensemble, House Dance, House Poetry and House Song. This year’s theme was ‘Celebration’ and each house managed to present it…


House Spirit

Posted on: October 15th 2014

#House spirit

In Concord, we have four houses, namely Gandhi, Mandela, Pankhurst and Teresa. Each of the houses is named after one great individual, who are of the same minds as Concord – valuing harmony and equality. All students are part of a house. We regularly hold inter-house contests, and houses competes…


More than just a busy weekend

Posted on: October 13th 2014

#Talent Show & International Food Fayre

An array of events have been held over the weekend at Concord, such as the Talent Show and the International Food Fayre. Both the Talent Show and the International Food Fayre were truly eye-openers to me should I say, now that I know that there is so many multi-talented musician-chefs…


Food Fayre

Posted on: October 9th 2014

#Food Fayre

The world’s biggest feast took place at Concord College on Sunday the 5th of October.  This event’s immense size may not be underestimated, due to the fact that we had representatives from over 20 countries eating the food demonstrated for degustation by over 10 international societies. Although the point being…


Alton Towers

Posted on: October 8th 2014

#Alton Towers

Indeed, Orientation Week ended on a high note for many of the new boarders with a day trip to the Alton Towers. The day started early with students boarding the bus en route to the theme park, with excited chatter and banter permeating into the long 2 hour wait until…


Breakfast with a Concord Flair

Posted on: October 6th 2014


One simply cannot call it a good day without a full English breakfast. A good old hearty one. With sausages. That’s why Concord College has just held the Great Sausage Debate – essentially a survey, Mr Birch, our Dining Room Manager has been collecting students’ opinion about their sausage preference….