A Spring Concert, Concord Style.

A Spring Concert, Concord Style.

Posted on: April 24th 2014

#Spring Concert

The spring concert was the most spectacular event. Bursting with life, the show had praises sung by many. The must-see event of the year was yet again a sold-out, magical feast for the eyes. From the dextrous fingers of the many musicians that adorned the stage to the nimble footwork…


Earth Hour 2014

Posted on: April 23rd 2014

#Earth Hour

“Let us stand together to make of our world a sustainable source for our future as humanity on this planet” quoted by Nelson Mandela. An event with more than 6,950 cities and towns, across 152 countries and territories participating, Concord College was not an exception. Just a week before the end of…


BPW Public Speaking National Final

Posted on: April 14th 2014

#Public Speaking

National Champions. I still can’t quite believe it! Yet along with the shock, I feel a huge sense of pride in what our team has managed to accomplish. Ellen, Dami, and I have been working as a team for nearly three years now, after having been rounded up and put…


Normandy trip

Posted on: April 11th 2014

#Normandy trip

At 4 25 a.m., we made our way towards Main Hall with our suitcase in one hand and a pillow in the other. One last sigh and we stepped onto the bus and fell into deep slumber for the next seven hours. We then boarded the ferry to go to…


Finishing EPQ

Posted on: April 2nd 2014


Like finishing all projects, finishing EPQ* was somewhat more rushed than I had planned, having left more than expected until the last minute.  The bibliography needed doing, contents page updating and small sections adding left, right and centre. All this and I had left it until the week exams were…