Pastoral Care

We take great care over our pastoral provision and the policies and procedures that support it. Our system is one based upon the degree and quality of contact, both formal and informal, between students and staff. The pupils have a wide range of adults they can approach and who will have concern for them.

All students have an academic tutor, who they see every day and who will take a special interest in their academic progress and day to day matters. They can also seek help and guidance from their Head of House or any member of the Senior Management Team. Boarders have a houseparent and assistant houseparent who they can seek guidance from in any matter related to their life at Concord. Day students also have members of staff, the Head of Lower School and a sixth form Day Student houseparent, who fulfils a similar role.

There are numerous opportunities for students to talk to or seek support from their subject teachers, the medical team, pastoral assistants or a ‘listener.’

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