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The friendships we make at Concord College can last a life-time. We believe that our students should continue to benefit from our vast and varied network long after they leave. We asked our Alumni "what makes Concord College special?" Take a look to see what some of them had to say.   

Who: Gursel Karacor
Concord Alumni: 1988-1989
Nationality: Turkish


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"When I attended Concord College, it was my first time in England, moreover my first time abroad. Concord not only helped me adapt to the English culture, but also to the international culture very fast, and that is a thing to last, and it did last. I have always benefited from that. I love my Concordian friends".


Who: Mohammed Abdul Shafi
Nationality: Jordanian


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  "Apart from the fact that Concord College has the highest educational standards, management, staff and more, it really has the elite & the cream level of students from many different countries who have added positively to the success of Concord College". 


Who: Reza Stephan Amiri
Concord Alumni: 1978-1981

Nationality: Iranian/Greek

Alumni-Quotes Images   "I think attending Concord was the best time span of my life. The best thing about Concord College is the international environment, meeting with other students from so many different countries. This has given me a much better understanding of the different cultures we have in this world. Today I work for a big international company travelling to many places in the world. It's Concord College that gave me the confidence to be able to communicate with people having so many diverse cultures. This would not be possible if I had visited a local school. Also it is wonderful to have been at a college that has such a high educational standard, in which nearly all of the graduations are completed with A’s and better. As a successful student at Concord, it gives you so many great opportunities to start to study at excellent universities around the world. Last but not least, it's wonderful, to still have so many friends around the world that have also attended Concord College. Concord will always remain a part of my life that I will never want to miss".
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