Students Experience Life at Concord College

Tuesday May 8, 2018

A group of 15 Thai students will be taking away a positive experience of British education after spending a week at Concord College. Rachel Coward, Head of Lower School said: “The 10 girls and five boys will have a greater awareness of the exciting opportunities that exist for them in the wider world – as well as having made some new friends 5,000 miles from home.” The 13 to 15 year olds attend Patumwan Demonstration School in Bangkok – one of the country’s leading secondary schools. It was the second successive year that a group of students from Thailand has visited Concord College. This year’s arrivals were fully immersed into Concord life by attending regular lessons with the Form 3 students. Patumwan had asked for a STEM heavy curriculum to develop the students’ experience of practical science in education and extend their scientific vocabulary during the stay. Mrs Coward said:  “The widest benefit to these young people is the development of their English skills and experiencing lessons they would not normally have on their curriculum. “They will take away with them a very British experience having really enjoyed the college. They have got on very well with their Concord ambassadors who have been their partners and shared lessons with them.” One of their highlights was a science lesson in which they observed and dissected cockroaches developing their scientific skills and using different kinds of microscopes. The Thai students were told by Head of Science, Mr Brown:  “The world needs zoologists and I hope you have begun to appreciate the huge impact of insect species in both the spread of disease and in economic losses due to crop pests. “Dissecting cockroaches is a difficult skill and also requires bravery.” The 15 Thai students at Concord were part of a larger group visiting the UK and according to Mrs Coward the college was ‘far more in demand than it could meet.’