students experience Concord’s Summer School

Monday July 30, 2018

Students aged 12-14 from Concord's partner school in China have been attending their very first Summer School in the UK. The group of 23 students, together with two teachers from Shanghai Concord Bilingual School which opened last September, spent three and a half weeks at Concord's Summer School. Teachers Shawn Chen (sports) and Jessica Cai (music) said the students had all been very keen to visit the UK for the Summer School. "They have been improving their English and, importantly, their self-care abilities in another country," said Shawn.  "They have certainly enjoyed the Summer School activities and lessons. "All the students have been studying English and some attended science lessons too.  The students made friends with those from other countries and settled in very well. "They are looking forward to telling their friends about their experiences and what they have seen here when they return to Shanghai Concord Bilingual School." Two hundred students attend the bilingual school and a further 100 have joined a newly opened primary school over there. Mrs. Kari Butler, Summer School Director, said there were a total of 285 students attending the first of the two Summer Schools and she hoped there would be further participation from Shanghai Concord Bilingual School in the coming years.