Head Boy and Girl talk about their aspirations

Thursday September 27, 2018

The new Head Boy and Girl at Concord have been talking about their aspirations for the year and a change of format to the annual international concert. Mikhail and Alisar will be among more than 200 Concord students taking part in the event at Theatre Severn on November 17. And this year the concert, which is open to the public, will take the form of a show which will have the theme 'Peace' and the college's many international societies will be involved in telling the story. "Although we all come from different places, we all have one thing in common which is a desire for peace," said Alisar who is half Venezuelan and half Nigerian and in her fifth year at Concord. "With peace the world is a different place," said Mikhail who is from Moscow and in his second year having joined Concord in the sixth form. Visit the Theatre Severn website for more information and to book tickets. Whilst the concert features highly in their forward planning, the new Head Boy and Girl hit the ground running with the start of term welcome to a record number of new Concord students as well as helping the Prefects organise a wide range of induction activities. From sports and games to a group dance, the activities took place over two days and have subsequently been followed by a day of games involving the Sixth Form and Lower School. Said Alisar: "We want the Sixth Form and Lower School to be as integrated as possible and as a team Mikhail and I will keep building on each other's ideas." She and Mikhail are currently involved in the preparations for the annual international food fair next weekend. This will include the college international societies sharing different dishes from their countries.