Careers Programme launched at Concord

Tuesday September 25, 2018

Groundbreaking opportunities for students to make key, life-changing decisions are being created at Concord. Former businesswoman Mrs Helen Povey has been appointed to the role of Student Futures Officer to drive forward a series of new initiatives to encourage students to pursue careers in which they are most interested. Said Dr Rob Pugh, Concord College's Assistant Principal University Entry and Careers:  "This is an exciting time for the careers programme at Concord as plans to develop and enrich the provision come into fruition this year. "One of the primary objectives will be to ensure that students who are in the process of making key, life-changing decisions about A Level choices and university courses are doing so with the support of a high-quality programme relevant to the demands of a modern career. "The new programme will include initial careers guidance profiling, individual careers interviews and a new online platform for researching post-18 options and recording action plans. "The college will also be taking a more significant role in helping students find local work placements that develop their academic interests or longer-term career goals. "Students will then be in a position to take maximum advantage of the subject-specific guidance provided by the college’s team of university co-ordinators." Added Dr Pugh:  "Helen will be a key player in developing the programme this year. She will be interviewing the students about their plans and aspirations and helping them to work towards their goals. "At the same time, she is already developing our calendar of events with external visits and visiting speakers. A new careers newsletter will be used to keep parents informed of the latest developments." Helen, a trained geologist who has worked in the oil industry in this country and overseas, will be providing opportunities for Concord students to obtain work experience. One of her aims is to build on a network of contacts to provide opportunities for all potential careers, including medics, vets, dentists and architects, to work with local businesses and where appropriate health care providers. She said:  "My focus is careers advice and introductions, particularly for Form 5 and 6.1, and encouraging these young people at an early stage to find careers in which they are most interested. "Every student will be having an individual careers interview between October and February following their initial careers profiling. "I will also be introducing the Unifrog platform which is a complete online university preparation interface to help students research careers and prepare their application." Helen will also be assisting Concord's Summer School Director Kari Quant and her team with the co-ordination of university preparation courses.