prizes and ambitions for Concord’s ‘star cyclist’ Ronnie

Wednesday March 20, 2019

Concord’s 6.1 student Ronnie has once again been impressing with his cycling successes and has high ambitions for the future. Over the Christmas break, Ronnie took part in the ‘Hill Climb’ event at the Hong-Kong National Cycling Championships. With over 150 competitors and lots of different age groups including adults, Ronnie not only won the ‘Junior Challenge’ category, placing 1st from over 20 competitors, but was also the overall winner of the junior category entire race. Reflecting on his success, Ronnie said: “I have been both consistent and progressive in my cycling performances, and am delighted with the results. “Prior to this event, I had also competed in two national races in Hong-Kong over the summer, placing third in the individual time trial. “I also raced quite a lot in the UK too, throughout April, May and June.” Ronnie’s cycling successes have become international, with Ronnie also performing very highly in the UK-based events, representing Mid Shropshire Wheelers – a local cycling club, alongside his studies. In the UK National Youth (GHS) Championships, Ronnie placed 2nd in the Junior category, after an impressive 10-mile ride. Ronnie said: “Particularly with flatter time trial events, the gains you can make are huge. “It’s just you versus the clock. Marginal gains add up and you can gain lots of time putting down power at the right place, and of course, with the right use of physics, especially aerodynamics.” As a result of Ronnie’s outstanding performances over the last year, Ronnie is the recent recipient of the ‘Tweeky Road Race Cup’ award, on behalf of Mid Shropshire Wheelers. The award is an annual recognition of commendable performance by an individual club member. Speaking of the award and further ambitions for the year ahead, Ronnie said: “I’m very happy to receive the award, but for now, I hope to focus on my AS levels, whilst training in my own time. “I’m looking forward to competitions in May and June again, and also hope to better my third place finish in the Hong-Kong Nationals in the summer. This will be my last chance to do so in the junior age group.” Principal, Mr Neil Hawkins added: “Ronnie’s pursuit of excellence in all aspects of his life is extraordinary. He aims high in his academics, his sport and his music while maintaining a clear sense of self. “He is a fine young man and a truly exceptional Concordian.”