invitation to visit Shanghai Concord Bilingual School (SCBS)

Tuesday July 18, 2017

Mrs Gail Denham former Head of Lower School at Concord College UK, is delighted to invite you to visit her at Shanghai Concord Bilingual School (SCBS) as the Executive Principal. The new school will be opening its doors in September 2017 to students aged 11 and 15, but will quickly expand with a primary school and kindergarten planned in the next few years. SCBS is the first bilingual private school in Huangpu District. Shanghai Concord enjoys the full support of the Party Committee and the Huangpu District Government and adheres to the educational policies stipulated by the Huangpu District Education Bureau, but within an internationalised context. The school is located in the heart of Shanghai, very close to Xintiandi, in one of the most thriving, international and cultural districts in the city. It is the intention at SCBS to provide an outstanding education for both local and international students, preparing them to be the leaders of tomorrow, confident and honest, socially engaged and creative. SCBS is proud of its association with Concord College UK and intends to emulate its longstanding tradition in holistic education, not only producing outstanding academic results, but also enabling the students to unlock their full potential in a social context. Concord alumni have gained entrance to the finest universities around the world including Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial College and London School of Economics. SCBS mirrors the educational beliefs and practices of Concord College UK and is aiming to obtain similar outstanding results. It also embraces its core values of harmony, trust and decency and intends to build a community based on these values. The Shanghai Concord School Management Team comprises of Mr. XIE Yingping, former Principal of the High School affiliated to Fudan University, and a leading light in the field of education. Mrs Gail Denham, as Executive Principal will ensure Shanghai Concord School achieves the same level of educational excellence as Concord College UK. Those of you that remember Mrs Denham will know that she is a committed educator who not only raised the academic performance, but who was also responsible for a substantial growth in the size of the Lower School during her six-year appointment at Concord College UK. Mrs. Denham has recruited outstanding academic staff who will ‘Strive for excellence in all we do and in all that we are’ and who will complement the students’ regional, cultural and national identity with an international perspective. SCBS will temporarily be housed in a renovated middle school building in Runan Street, while a purpose built campus is being constructed in the heart of the Huangpu District. The new school will feature multimedia teaching equipment, state-of-the-art science labs, ICT suites, art and music rooms and a fully equipped sports hall. We warmly invite any members of the Concord community to visit the new school and Mrs Denham would be delighted to show them around personally.  Mrs Denham can be contacted via email at Places are available for 2018 for students in Years 1, 2, 6, 7, 10 and 11. Ages, 6, 7, 11,12, 15 and 16. In the first instance all admissions enquiries should be made through the Admissions office where Mrs Shen will be happy to assist you and explain the admissions procedure at