Head Prefect returns to Concord with his son

Saturday July 28, 2018

A 13 year old boy from Saudi Arabia has followed in the footsteps of his father who was head prefect at Concord College nearly 30 years ago. Badr, who is from Jeddah, attended the first of the two 2018 Summer Schools at Concord, where his father, Eihab, studied from 1986-90 and was head prefect from 1989-90. And Badr himself plans to become a full time student at Concord to study GCSE's in 2020. Of his first impressions of Concord, he said he was looking forward to returning to the international school which was 'very different' to the boys only international school where he is currently studying English, Arabic, maths and science in Jeddah. "I've enjoyed the Summer School lessons and activities" said Badr, who has been away from his family for the first time.  "I have made friends with students from other countries and my English has improved. "Everybody was welcoming and Concord differs to the schools back home where there are no co-educational opportunities." Badr's father dropped him off at Summer School in person, took photos around the campus and had a special picture next to the head prefect board in the main hall. Said Eihab, who studied at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) on leaving Concord: "It was an amazing feeling being back at the college and even more so having my son with me. "It brought back beautiful memories of when I first came to Concord 30 years ago. It was exciting more so for me than Badr, I think.  I had a lot of stories to tell him and places to show him. "I obviously had a big impact on him attending Summer School at Concord. He was also encouraged from hearing all the stories I kept telling him and seeing all the pictures and videos of my time at Concord." Said Eihab, who has worked in finance: "My advice to him was to have fun and enjoy himself. I also stressed the importance of meeting and making friends from different countries to learn about their cultures and traditions. "I think Summer School will have helped him to be more independent and self-reliant." He added: "Deep within me, I guess, I'm hoping that he will want to continue his education in Concord and follow in my footsteps. I think that would be a great stepping stone for his further education."