Science Day for Form 3

Thursday March 29, 2018

Concord students in Form 3 enacted a crime scene as part of a Forensic Science Day. The day which was led by forensic scientist Dr. Jon Bates, was part of four days of activities for Form 3 at the end of term. The mystery was the fictitious murder of a caretaker with the scene of crime in the Science Block, including a ‘police line do not cross’ barrier, providing evidence that had to be scientifically examined. A ‘corpse’, finger prints, an open window, chewing gum and a drinks can were among the clues that the students had to forensically inspect as part of the murder investigation. The students were tasked with applying forensic science techniques to solve the crime. These included DNA testing and taking finger prints from evidence. And following the application of various scientific methods as part of the investigation, ‘Concord Crown Court’ sat with a judge, barristers, witnesses and jury. The jury comprising students who were not otherwise engaged in the court room drama delivered a verdict following the trial of four suspects. “The day proved conclusively that the students are particularly interested in science,” said Head of Form 3 Miss Georgie Taylor. “As well as the scene of crime, the students were introduced to the court room, the trial and the jury delivering its verdict which to some would have been a new experience,” she added.