new reading initiative launched at Concord

Monday October 22, 2018

Concord has introduced a reading initiative for its Form 4 students, to aid academic skills and enthuse the students about reading. The ‘F4 Book Club’ was recently set up by the Form 4 tutor team and Concord’s Library with the aim of engaging both students and tutors. Concord’s Head of Form 4 and Assistant Head of Lower School, Dr John Willets said: “Reading has so many benefits and not just for pupils’ English ability. Through regular reading comes cross-curricular academic improvement. “Of course it will help improve the ‘reading age’ and literacy skills of the students, but other benefits include stress management, confidence and public speaking – even interview techniques.” The Form 4 tutors and Library team have collaborated to produce a list of 12 books students can choose from, ranging from novels and fiction to short narratives and poems. Students select four books over four terms – their final book being during Autumn Term of Form 5. “We want to expose pupils to a range of books they may not have considered before” said Dr Willets. “During each term, group activities and book reviews will be performed in tutor time to enhance the students’ presentation skills, language skills and appreciation of reading. “Hopefully the pleasure gained from reading in F4 will continue throughout their lives at Concord and the future.” Concord’s Assistant Librarian, Mrs Pam Parish added: “A recent research article published by UCL Institute of Education shows that young people who read fiction have significantly stronger reading skills than their peers who do not. “At Concord, we are keen to develop reading for pleasure, not only because it has a positive effect on academic achievement, but also because it broadens our horizons and our understanding of what it means to be human. “There is clear evidence that reading increases empathy and helps us to experience the world through the eyes of the characters in fiction. “We hope that the F4 Book Club will be a wonderful way for students to discover books in all forms”.