Mathematics teacher is a double world record holder

Wednesday March 21, 2018

Concord has a world record holder – and British champion - on its teaching staff. Mathematics teacher Mr John Bernasconi is now the world record holder for the bench press in power lifting in the heavyweight category for over 55 year olds. He adds that world record success to the over 50s title he also won – and retains – four years ago. Mr Bernasconi, whose latest success was in the recent national championships in Weston-Super-Mare, lifted 200 kilos – approximately equivalent to lifting three people. But he admitted to being ‘disappointed’ with his performance. He explained that he had been suffering from a virus which had impeded his training and that he had hoped to beat his own power lifting record of 207.5 kilos. His speciality, the bench press, is one of a series of three lifts in power lifting, the others being the squat and dead lift. “For the last six months I have been training very hard in the gym and I am stronger than I have ever been,” he said. “But the virus ultimately affected my performance in the championships, unfortunately.” However, Mr Bernasoni, who has been power lifting for 35 years, has no intentions of retiring.  “I plan to continue with my next aim of lifting the over 60s world record,” he added. Said Concord Principal, Mr Neil Hawkins: “To break two world records is astonishing.  It is inspiring to us all, staff and students, that Mr Bernasconi has achieved this amazing feat. “It shows us that when talent, ambition and hard work are combined, the highest level of achievement is possible.”