has a ‘rising star’

Wednesday December 12, 2018

Concord has its own ‘rising star’ as described by the director of the film in which she has a leading role. Sixth former Jane stars in Space Ninjas, a comedy, sci-fi, horror B-movie, which will be released in the new year. The film, which will have its premier on 20th January in the UK was shot in Jane’s home country of Malaysia last year and is the debut for both Jane and British born director Scott McQuaid. Pre-publicity for Jane in advance of the first screening of the film has included an interview with a reporter from the Shropshire Star. Jane, who has always loved drama and has appeared in commercials and musicals at home, kept her role in the film largely a secret at Concord, preferring to concentrate on her A level studies and achieve her ambition to study law at university. However, with the release date of Space Ninjas only a month away Jane has been speaking about her involvement in the project. “It's very exciting, it's my first full-length film," she said. “I play the role of Stanli, a teenager who finds herself in detention at school when it is invaded by space ninjas.” Jane is not allowed to reveal any more about the plot but did mention that the fake blood in the film was made from chocolate which is just the right texture! She admitted that although she had really enjoyed making the film, life on set is far from glamorous. "The worst thing is it is very tiring. You might have to stay up until seven in the morning, and you might start filming at 7pm on a Friday, so you're very tired on the Saturday. "You're on set a lot of the time waiting for the cameras to roll. Sometimes it's fine, sometimes it's not right for the camera and has to be shot again." During filming she had the opportunity to learn from some veteran actors including Brian Narelle. She said: “Being a successful actor also requires a lot of hard work and dedication. There's a lot of discipline, you have to read the script and learn it before you are on set.” Jane says her parents are naturally extremely proud of her achievements, and can't wait to see the film next month. Said Concord Mr Neil Hawkins: “Jane is a talented and creative student of whom we are already very proud.  That she is now to be a film star is quite extraordinary. “But it is not just her creative and intellectual gifts that make her special, but also her ability to manage time, work with others and to prioritise.  These are skills that we all need as we journey through life.” And before the film premiere at the Horror-on-Sea film festival in Southend, Jane has her mock A-level exams to prepare for when she returns to Concord after the Christmas holiday. To read the full interview with Jane visit the Shropshire Star’s website: