collaborates with Kurume Shin-ai High School Choir and Shropshire County Big Band

Tuesday March 26, 2019

Last weekend, Concord was delighted to host an internationally renowned choir from Kurume Shin-ai High School, in addition to the Shropshire County Big Band, for an ‘amazing’ musical programme. Located on Kyushu, Japan’s third largest Island, the Kurume shin-ai High School Choir was formed in 1961. It is a highly decorated group, known for winning gold at the Fukuoka Prefecture choral festival every year since 2012 – and 23 times in total since 1992. The concert was a joint venture, organised by local music director, Mr Ian Bennett who conducts the Shropshire Big Band and has a longstanding connection with the Japanese choir, and Concord’s Music teacher, Miss Hannah Perrins. Miss Perrins said: “Given the international dimension of Concord, Ian proposed the idea of joining together our musical groups in a combined concert. “This was not their first visit to the UK, as the choir tour every 3 years. However, this was the first time they had visited Concord. “The students and staff were very happy to be welcomed to Concord and it was the perfect opportunity to make use of our wonderful theatre space.” The concert, organised for ‘pure musical enjoyment’, was free of charge and was open to college staff, students, day parents and the wider community. The choir, in addition to Shropshire’s Big Band, arrived at Concord in the morning and enjoyed a brunch before a two hour afternoon rehearsal, prior to the concert. For the concert itself, Concord’s musicians, the county Big Band and the choir each performed a section of the musical programme. It provided Concord and the community the chance to be entertained by some very talented musicians. Said Miss Perrins: “Each group performed their section amazingly… Perhaps they can play together next time. “Concord musicians got the opportunity to showcase their musical talents alongside our prestigious visiting ensembles, creating a diverse programme of music from classical pieces through to jazz and pop. “It was also wonderful to see how the choir wanted to remember every aspect of their day shared with us at Concord. “Talking to staff and students and taking photos with the Big Band at the end of the day showed how much they enjoyed this shared musical experience.”