winning author’s visit marks World Book Day

Monday March 5, 2018

Award winning author Paul Dowswell helped Lower School students studying English and history at Concord mark World Book Day. Paul, twice winner of the Historical Association Young Quills Award, spoke to Forms 3 and 4 about his new novel Wolf Children which is set in Berlin immediately following the Russian occupation in May 1945. There were over one million homeless people in Berlin after the Second World War and Paul told students about his story featuring a young person called Otto who lived in a basement room of an abandoned hospital and how derelict buildings were looted to search for valuables. These were subsequently sold to Russians, Americans and the British, so that Otto and orphaned children could buy food and stay alive. Form 5 students studying GCSE history were introduced to Paul’s book Sektion 20 which provided the students with the opportunity to explore the realities of life in the GDR through the historical character in his novel. He gave individual examples of how life under a totalitarian regime could be controlled and how that impacted on people who did not conform to the ideologies of the state. Paul has been a regular visitor to Concord since 2008 and has given illustrated talks on his historical novels and well as holding workshops for teaching writing. The full-time author has written over 60 books including Auslander, nominated for the Carnegie Medal, the Red House Children’s Book Award and the Booktrust Teenage Prize. Said Head of English Mr Phil Woods: “It's always a treat to welcome Paul back to Concord and for him to give our students an insight into the inspiration, research and hard work that go into producing a novel. “It was also lovely for our Form 3 students to meet the author of one of the novels they are reading as part of the Historical Quills reading project and ask him questions,” he added.