and History Trip – Tate Liverpool

Wednesday October 18, 2017

The famous Tate Liverpool and Walker Gallery were the two destinations of Concord's cross-curricular Art and History trip last week when staff and students ventured to Liverpool to visit two exhibitions, exploring various artwork and the history behind it. The trip was attended by F5 GCSE Art students, F5 GCSE History students and the 6.2 A Level Art group. The group was accompanied by Head of Art, Mr Hudson, Miss Tonks, Miss Saleemi and Ms Archer, Assistant Head of Humanities. The first visit of the day was to the ‘Walker Gallery’, to enjoy Alphonse Mucha: A Quest for Beauty alongside the permanent collection, then the group proceeded to the main focus of the day – Portraying a Nation: Germany 1919 -1933. This was a sobering look at the rise and fall of the Weimar Republic through the eyes of the painter Otto Dix and the photographer August Sander and really got students of both subjects thinking. Said Mr Hudson: “There was something for everyone across the day, as these two contrasting exhibition spaces gave students the chance to reflect and engage with professional work first-hand and make connections to their own individual projects. "Experiencing art and history in contexts like these helps students learn and understand so much. We were very proud of how all students applied themselves and really engaged with the work across what was a very busy and exciting day.” Said  Ms Archer: "This trip provided a good opportunity for students to reflect upon their studies of Weimar Germany, and to see the perspectives of two artists who lived, experienced and portrayed this volatile and interesting period through different artistic media."