‘Day in the city’ for Concord sixth formers

Friday March 9, 2018

A group of Concord sixth form students spent ‘a day in the city’ at Goldman Sachs on their ‘Girls Inspire Programme 2018: Investing in Women of the Future.’ The experience included learning more about the global financial services industry and the career opportunities available at Goldman Sachs in London. The day introduced the girls to a unique combination of experiential learning, mentorships and university readiness through a series of workshops and networking opportunities. They returned to Concord having ‘greatly enjoyed’ the opportunity which they all found ‘incredibly helpful.’ Said Becky Yuan:  “Meeting with industry professionals and learning skills in one of the world-leading investment banks provided invaluable experience.  This has provided me with deeper insights into the world of financial services. “As an A level student, attending the programme has given me a clearer idea of my future career prospects.” Esther Loh was ‘surprised’ to see the diversity of educational backgrounds of the firm’s employees and how there was no set path into a career. Said Alice Ho:  “It was interesting to interact with like-minded people who share the same interests in business and management. “The networking was a really good opportunity to get some face-to-face contact with the firm’s employees who have years of experience in finance and lots of advice on how to be successful.” Patricia Kongoasa said the Goldman Sachs employees were all ‘incredibly helpful.’ “Speaking to them improved my understanding of the many divisions that make up the firm.” And Heidi Vuong said she now understood more about careers within the financial world and whether they were for her. “I haven’t yet decided on a career so I wanted to explore the options in the financial services sector.  We heard many stories of how people had got to where they are and the different varieties of jobs. “I gained a deeper understanding of the variety of roles at Goldman Sachs and everyone there was really driven,” she added. Said Dr. Rob Pugh, Concord Assistant Principal responsible for University Entry and Careers:  “By polishing their CVs and producing a covering statement, the girls demonstrated key skills that will be required in their professional lives. “They identified private wealth management, financial derivatives and human capital as areas they were most keen to explore at Goldman Sachs. For those successful in their applications, the programme provided the opportunity to experience a snapshot of where their university degrees could take them, with a particularly valuable focus on how those pathways may evolve for them as young women.”