Term Dates 2016/17

Autumn Term 2016
Friday 9th September Prefects return to College
Saturday 10th September Prefect Training
Sunday 11th September New students and returning 6.1 and Form 4 students arrive at College

plus any 6.2 students applying to Oxbridge or for Medicine

Tuesday 13th September

Returning Form 5 and remaining 6.2 students arrive at College

Thursday 15th September Teaching Begins
Tuesday 25th October Half Term begins (4.00pm)
Sunday 30th October  Half Term ends (9.45pm)
Friday 9th December

End of Term (12.30pm – after final assembly)

Saturday 10th December All students to leave by 4.00pm

The College will be closed from 4.00pm Saturday 10th December 2016 to Saturday 7th January 2017 (inclusive). 

Spring Term 2017

Sunday 8th January

New students and Prefects return to College

Tuesday 10th January

Returning students arrive at College

Wednesday 11th January

Teaching begins

Tuesday 21st February

Half Term begins (4.00pm)

Sunday 26th February

Half Term ends (9.45pm)

Wednesday 5th April       

End of Term (12.30pm – after final assembly)

NB Students under the age of 16 are not permitted to stay on campus after 4pm on Thursday 6th April and should not return before Sunday 23rd April.  Students over the age of 16 may remain on campus to revise during the holiday period.

Summer Term 2017
Sunday 23rd April All students return (by 9.45pm)
Monday 24th April             Teaching begins
Friday 26th May

Half Term begins (4.00pm)

Wednesday 31st May

Half Term ends (9.45pm)

Friday 23rd June                

End of Term (12.30pm – after final assembly)

NB. Form 3 and Form 4 students should leave by 4.00pm on Saturday 24th June, along with any students who have finished their public examinations.  After Friday 23rd June, we expect students to leave within 24 hours of their final public examination.  The College will close to students on Friday 30th June at 12 noon.  

All dates are provisional and may be subject to minor changes.

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