Summer School opportunities at Concord for local and international students

Monday, May 15, 2017

No fewer than 59 students who have attended summer school at Concord are now studying full time at the college. Summer Course Lead Manager Kari Butler believes the number of former summer school pupils who are now main term is a record for the college.

The 59, who are a mix of nationalities that include local day students, are from all year groups.  They represent nearly 11% of the total number of Concord students.

Said Kari:  “This really is an amazing number which I couldn’t believe when I initially researched the figure in terms of looking ahead to this year’s summer schools and courses.

“One of the great things is that having attended a summer school at Concord these students all chose the college for their secondary education either in the Lower School or Sixth Form.

“Some will have attended a summer school to improve their English, whilst others will have studied maths, economics or science whilst they were here for a few weeks.

“The summer school gave them an insight into what Concord could offer on a full time basis which was clearly most valuable.

“For students who are attending this year’s summer schools, the college is offering an academic preparation course as well as a university preparation programme for which there are a limited number of places still available.”

One local day student who chose Concord after attending a summer school was Isabel Chavez Beanland (Form 5) who lives at Church Stretton.

She said:  “I took biology and maths at the summer school which I attended because I wanted the experience and to see if I felt welcome.

“I loved the summer school which was in 2013 and as a result I applied to stay.”

Thibault Lequeux (Form 3) who is French-Korean, attended a summer school in 2015.  “After summer school I was offered places at other schools,” said Thibault, “but I chose Concord College to study.”

Children of alumni parents are also among the 59.

Parents of local day students interested in Concord’s summer schools can contact Kari Butler on 01694 731631.

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