Concord students record charity album

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

A special charity concert featuring music from a unique digital album has been staged by students at Concord. Copies of the specially recorded CD containing all the songs heard in the first half of the programme were sold on the night.

The CD, costing £10, is also available to buy online at

All the proceeds from the sale, expected to reach £2,000, will be donated to Creative Inspiration Shropshire, a social enterprise established by a local GP, Dr. Jane Povey, in 2014.

The digital album Showcase was recorded by 20 students including the Form 5 BTEC group who were involved in the singing and playing of the 11 tracks.

Showcase took a month to compose and a similar time to produce and featured the instruments of violin, guitar, cello, trumpet and piano.

Said Concord Head of Music Mr. Stavros Kokkinos:  “I am pleased that this creative project has provided the students with a meaningful and relevant experience.

“At the same time, it has helped them to develop a sense of social responsibility.  Music and the performing arts play a key role in the creative life of the college and in the cultural and artistic development of all students.”

He added:  “We are committed to nurturing a love for music in every student, whether as a performer, composer or listener.  Music trips and workshops are organised aiming to provide students with an opportunity to experience live music outside the classroom.”

Among the performers on the album were Alisar Tabet (composer and vocalist), Sebastian Toms (composer and guitarist) and Chloe Young (composer and pianist).

The students said they were ‘extremely thrilled’ with the experience.  “It was hard work, but we got through it,” said Alisar. 

“Some of us collaborated with each other in writing the songs and it was a rare opportunity to have worked professionally on a CD.”

Said Chloe:  “I loved it – I have written songs before but never had the opportunity to have my work featured on a CD.”

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