Charity head shavers feel the cold

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Concord’s Head Boy Tempy Charoenvasnadumrong and fellow sixth former Brendan Beh have been explaining why they decided to shave their heads – at one of the coldest times of the year! The sixth formers, who have both received Oxbridge offers to study engineering, have raised more than £3,000 for a UK based charity.

The Thai Children’s Trust supports children living in poverty, helping to get them off the streets and into education. Tempy and Brendan are happy with the amount they have so far raised with the support of fellow Concord students, teachers, friends and family.

“But we are definitely feeling the cold,” said Tempy, who had six inches of hair on his head prior to the shave off.

He explained why the two of them had decided to shave their heads for the charity.  “We feel very privileged and this particular charity looks after children who are not so lucky.

“They are without school or home and have conditions such as HIV and Aids. 

“I felt I was focusing on the way I looked and how I did my hair.  I wanted to prove to myself that it’s not the way you look, but what you do which is much more important and that should be what defines us.”

Said Principal Neil Hawkins: “I am very proud of Tempy and Brendan who have raised so much money for such a good cause. 

“They are both such talented young men who shown great depth of character through this campaign in support of children who are forced – through no fault of their own - to live very difficult lives.”

Tempy is from Thailand and Brendan from Malaysia.  “My hair was long so I am also feeling the cold,” he added.

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