Concord Principal interviewed for Instagram

Monday, February 20, 2017

Concord Principal Neil Hawkins agreed to be interviewed and photographed…for Instagram. The social media focus at the college has made a new breakthrough due to students Michael Lang, Kylene Tsai and Jane Chan.

The trio decided they wanted to re-invent the Concord Instagram page and selected Mr. Hawkins as their first opportunity for Humans of Concord. The Principal agreed to an interview which produced the following:

"Before I met Mrs. Hawkins I was actually thinking of going into diplomacy and joining the Foreign Office. It was actually Mrs. Hawkins who wanted to be a teacher. We met in our first week of university inCambridgeand I decided then and there that I wanted to spend my life with her. That was when I decided that I didn't want to lead a life where she would do one thing and I would do another, so I decided I’d be an educator.” – Mr Hawkins, The Principal.

Said Jane (6.1) who conducted the interview along with Kylene (6.1):  “We decided to start our series of profiles at Concord College with the Principal which was most enjoyable because he came across in a very different light.

“We usually see him as the leader of our school, but in our profile he gave us an insight into his personal life which is most interesting.”

Said Kylene:  “We are planning to focus on Humans of Concord every week, from students to teachers and members of staff.

“In a short time we have already doubled our number of followers which we think is healthy for the college.”

Michael (6.1) enjoys taking the photographs to accompany the stories.  “Mr. Hawkins made an excellent profile and I am looking forward to the next photos which will be featured on the next post.”

See the profile of Mr Hawkins  @humansofconcord.

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