House Arts Competition 2017

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Now in its eighth year, the Inter-House Arts Competition was eagerly anticipated  as the four houses battled it out in the theatre on Saturday 4th February to be the winners of the coveted House Arts Shield. The theme of the event was ‘Hope’ and all four houses were hopeful that they would win!

Each of the four houses (Gandhi, Mandela, Pankhurst and Teresa) had to produce four items in this year’s competition:  an ensemble, a performance poem, a house dance and a house song. As ever the students managed to harness all their creativity energy to produce a highly entertaining show.

The standard of the performances was extremely high and the different interpretations even within each category made the evening a true variety show.  Both the ensemble pieces and the poems were very hard to judge this year as the standard was so high and the performances so varied. Gandhi was placed first in the ensemble with a beautiful medley of ‘We are the world,’ ‘Stand by you’ and ‘Imagine.’ Pankhurst was placed first in the poem with an innovative performance of ‘If’ by Kipling.

Once again this year the Houses were encouraged to have mass participation for the song and dance categories. The dances were all very well-rehearsed, with lots of people involved. Teresa just managed to beat the other houses in the dance section due an exceptional and creative opening section of choreography! Mandela won the song section with live music, actions including waving green torch lights and lots of singers on the stage. It was quite loud, reasonably in tune and lots of fun. The other houses all managed over 50 each on stage: enthusiastic participation was great, although the proportion in tune did vary a little!

Mandela was declared to be the overall winners of the competition by the judges (Mr Long, Mr Kerslake & Mrs Hawkins). Congratulations to all the performers for what was a very tightly contested competition.  The House Arts event is now one of the highlights of the Inter-house Trophy Competition.

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