Basketball Review – Our First Game


Tuesday October 10th 2017 – this marked the first basketball game of the season for the Concord College U16’s team… And to be completely honest, I thought we played amazing; not only did we pass the ball well, but we also somehow managed to only narrowly lose by 7 points (The final score was 29-36).

By the end of this day we had a few people who weren’t happy, but as a seasoned veteran of this sport (not really!), I told them all that hanging their heads down wouldn’t help us win and that the reason why we lost was that we didn’t train hard enough. Moreover, although we didn’t win, we learned a valuable lesson – that is “don’t expect to win your first game: trust me, you won’t.” To be truthful, I can really see the potential of the team and how our roles fit really well together. I believe that we have a good chance of becoming one of the best teams in the area.

I can say this… as individuals, we may not be the best, but our team strengths legitimately cover our weaknesses.

Felix – F4

House Cross Country 2017

House Road Race

4th October 2017 was a grey day, without much sun and a bit of a chill in the air. On many-a-Wednesday, students would have a different use for their time. As a Form 5, I could go into town, study in the library or play football with friends. But this particular Wednesday was ‘House Cross Country’.

Hordes of runners crowded around the start line, red, blue, green, yellow. When runners set off, some bolted across the field like hares! Other jogged. Others walked.

The thing about house cross country is that it doesn’t matter if you win the race (though it does help). It’s about participation. Individuals win awards, but teams win house cross country.

This race however, even if you wanted to, was a monster to train for. The inclines, hills and surfaces are different from what you undergo on a treadmill, and are difficult to find on campus. Just to top off the difficulty of the puddles and climbs was the fact that this race was on private land. No one could train for this race.

After a mad dash across the field behind the tennis courts, we had to run behind the Morris building and through the boarding houses, straight off campus. Through the woods and over fields, past the lake and back onto campus we raced for 3 kilometres, but nearly all of Lower School made it past the finish line, in a variety of weird and wonderful styles – from Ronnie winning in style (or so I’m told, I was naturally miles behind) to the last friends beating each other on the line.

All in all the day was great fun. It was a great change from most Wednesdays, and a great opportunity to help our houses, made sweeter with my house, Gandhi, winning overall!

Tom Gray – F5