The Concord ski trip 2017

Skiing can be difficult. A year ago, I didn’t have a clue how to put on my skis, but with a lot of practice I became an intermediate skier – and I had to go back. This year the journey began with eighteen hours in coach (that sounds bad, I know, but it was SO worth it!).

While we were there the food was amazing and the instructors were so nice. We had pizza night, bowling, visits to the local supermarket and into town for ice-creams: everyone had fun – and we all improved our skiing level.

In fact, we all achieved a high level, as we went skiing for five hours per day, every day, except Saturday! Like any sport, to get better, skiing is a sport where you have to practice. Even though it can make you scared on the steeper slopes, it is such fun and so enjoyable.

I recommend the ski trip 2018 to anyone, and I would like to thank Mrs Robbins, Mr Canney and Mr Wilson for taking us this year.

Natalie Chau F4