Form 4 Poetry Competition

On the 21st of May, the Form 4 poetry competition was held in the old chapel. Participation was done in a sign up fashion so only the keenest of the critters were reciting the well-honed poems. Winning the competition was anybody’s game.

The crowd was intimidating but the contestants were even scarier, each one of them trying to get on the stage faster than the next one. On a few occasions some people were standing up before they were even called to the stage!

Each poem that was read seemed to rival the last one and just when you thought, “It can’t get any better than that.” It always would, personally I felt like I was getting stoned to death, and each verse another contestant read drew me closer to the welcoming arms of Death.

Overall, it was fun and with the grasp of excitement, I recited my poem with flying colours, claiming the first prize that everybody was dreaming of. Everybody did well in the poetry competition, even though it was daunting and frightening, we all thought it was worth a try since our ESB exams are getting closer and closer.

Steven Shen F4