Harry Potter & Magical Creatures Day

The first day of February was the “Harry Potter and Magical Creatures Dress-up Day” in which we could dress up as any character we liked. My friends and I bought onesie-pyjamas online, of the character Sulley from ‘Monsters University’, and we wore them on that day. We had great fun walking in a group through the campus. At first, I felt a bit embarrassed when we were walking from Taylor’s – our boarding house, to breakfast, because many people were looking and perhaps laughing, but I was proud to have such good friends who always support one another and are willing to do crazy things with me. I didn’t even want to take the pyjamas off at the end of the day. It was an unforgettable experience and an incredibly nice memory for all of us, marking our beautiful friendship in Concord.

Anika Lao – F4

Harry Potter Night

Form 3 enjoyed a magical evening of Harry Potter fun on the night of Thursday 1st February. On such an important occasion like ‘Potter National Book Day’, a day of dressing up was enjoyed by teachers and students. An array of costumes included Molly Weasley, Professor McGonogall and even Severus Snape (thanks Mr Kerslake!)

But the fun was only just beginning: at 7:30, Prep in the library was disturbed by a collective of wizards and witches to take Form 3 to their evening of adventure. Mrs Coward proved a very worthy witch using her wand to get students attention – it may even catch on!

For one night only, the Old Chapel Common Room became the Great Hall of Hogwarts and as Form 3 entered, they were sorted into the four houses by the traditional process of a talking hat! Music thronged the air and there was an atmosphere of excitement by pupils in the room. Once seated, they enjoyed a selection of games and challenges set for them by the professors.

One of these challenges was a treasure hunt around the common room to find a set of items; clues were given and tension was high between students to see who could find the objects first – that pleasure went to students of Ravenclaw! A hilarious round of Wizarding Pictionary followed with some rather unusual answers from some. Drawing cauldrons and golden snitches proved difficult for some too, though in the end, all the houses managed to finish.

Said Jacob Henman: “I really enjoyed seeing all the teachers’ costumes – it was a great atmosphere.”

All in all, it was a magical evening of fun-filled games and Harry Potter Genius, finished off with a fabulous feast of chocolate frog muffins, house biscuits and even butterbeer! Our thanks go to the Librarian Mrs Williams and Head of Form 3, Miss Taylor, as well as all the other professors for putting on such a marvellous night of fun.

Barney Cansdale – F3