Silver Duke of Edinburgh expedition

The Silver Duke of Edinburgh expedition was a great experience for me. We spent three days camping in the wild and walked across the landscape of Wales. We walked for over 30 km, it was tiring but fun indeed.

There are 6 members in my group and each of us was given chance of navigation, which we find the subtle routes marked on the map and visualise it in our actual surroundings. I tried navigating and was one of the best navigators in the group. But most of the time I wouldn’t bother and would talk with my friends on politics and philosophy instead.

We walked through fields mostly of open meadow but sometimes we could find some cows and sheep. They were all quite friendly and some of them greeted us with their gazes as we pass by. However, there are few terrifying situations which cannot be ignored. For example, we happened to walk through a farm with angry bulls. Thankfully they didn’t attack us and we quickly ran away.

Being at the camp site at night is a remarkable part of the expedition, we were able to eat our food while enjoying the clear night sky. There was little supervision of teachers so we were able to talk about things that were not usually talked in schools. Though at night it was cold we got comprehensive enough equipment to keep us warm. We had hot showers available in both nights and at the second night we were able to set up a camp fire!

Jimmy Zeng F5