Shropshire Music Showcase

Last Tuesday, tired but happy, a few of us rushed from our last exams to get ready and perform in the ‘Shropshire Showcase Competition’. It was a great experience and a great way to start the Easter holidays!

Weeks of rehearsals all seemed suddenly worth it for the fun we had that evening. It was very scary to perform both to so many strangers and to perform with my friends as a piano quartet for the first time!

The quartet meant that there were four of us playing the piano at the same time which was nerve-wracking as I did not want to be the one to go wrong! Thankfully, I did not and neither did anyone else. We were all so pleased for Ronnie Tse when he won his category in the competition- he definitely deserved it!

It was also lovely to be able to represent the college at the event and be given the chance to meet some young musicians from other schools. While we did not win our category, we all had fun and I know I learnt a lot from the experience. We will definitely be performing as a quartet again soon!

Chloe Young F5