Lake Bala – F5 Canoe Trip

F5 Canoe Trip

24th of September 2017… Form 5 students began the special journey to the canoe trip. We had to wake up early in the morning for breakfast and then set off from the school by 8am! The trip took roughly 2 hours but that wasn’t a problem because we could have a nice sleep on the coach. As the coach arrived at our destination, we woke up to see beautiful scenic nature, including the main attraction we’d been waiting for… Lake Bala! As soon as our eyes saw it, our hearts and minds went wild. It was absolutely beautiful.

We rushed down off the bus to get ourselves prepared for the activities. But firstly, the instructor had to tell us about what we should be doing and what we should not. Luckily, the main rule was just “Don’t get wet if you don’t want to”. Surprisingly, there were kayaks for ‘lone wolves’ who were willing to get wet and experience extreme fun, and many of the boys just couldn’t hold themselves back from getting one. Obviously I’m a boy but, sadly, I wasn’t one of the kayakers.

After we were taught how to paddle and instructed to be cautious, we started off lifting up the boats and getting on them in the water. At first, we weren’t so good at controlling the direction of the boat but as we learnt along the way, all of us became noticeably better and THAT made the afternoon part even more enjoyable!

At the start of the day, we sailed to different spots to practice our control. It was pretty hard and annoying when I paddled gently on the right and the canoe started going too far to the left. It would have been so much easier if Mr Tilson hadn’t been on board with us!

For lunch, we had sandwiches provided by the teachers and afterwards, we had a chance to light a small bonfire and roast our own marshmallows. After we’d finished our lunch, we began our journey back to the start destination. Unexpectedly, we had travelled for approximately 4 km on the boats and yes – it was exhausting and painful when you had to sit down for the whole day, but honestly, it was worth our time learning new skills, seeing such scenic nature and most importantly, spending time with friends.

I had to admit that at first, I didn’t want to go, but at the end of the day, I wished we could stay for a bit longer. Overall, it was a very interesting and enjoyable trip, and I hope we’ll all have another opportunity to do something like this again in the future with all of our friends.

Tee Saran – F5