House Arts – A Pankhurst Perspective

The evening of 27th January 2018 marked one of the biggest House Arts performances at Concord. It was a fantastic night with many stunning performances, ranging from upbeat dances to emotional speeches. The amount of enthusiasm coming from both the performers and audience was unbelievable. From the four competition criteria, Teresa won house poem, whilst Gandhi won house ensemble. However, with two wins (house dance and house song), Pankhurst marked their overall victory that night.

Pankhurst’s performances in ‘Song’ and ‘Dance’ were incredible. In the house song, loud and proud voices echoed through the theatre, whilst Pankhurst’s house dance stunned the audience and featured dance tricks.

Pankhurst sang the song ‘From Now On’ by Hugh Jackman, as featured in the movie ‘The Greatest Showman’. Their synchronised moves and timed delays between sopranos and tenors were beautifully performed along with a small, talented harmonising group at the front.

The Pankhurst house dance was energetic – and it remixed a total of 4 songs. The dance was well choreographed and a group of talented dancers collaborated effectively. Hoang’s drop, Chris’ windmill and Mike’s head-spin were just some of the many moves that made it a remarkable performance.

This year’s theme was harmony; it was beautifully portrayed by all houses. Overall, it was a complete success and truly showed the Concordian spirit.

Jessie Xu – F5