House Arts

House Arts is one of the biggest events in the Concord calendar year alongside Sports Day, where students get to know each other more and perform on a stage in front of the whole community. House Arts comes down to four categories: song, dance, ensemble and poem.

This year, the event took place earlier than previous years, on the 27th of January 2018, with a theme of harmony. Because of this, preparations were quite busy. Participants practiced really hard – some houses met up almost every day in twilight/after prep until the performance night.

The show was separated in two halves; one for song and ensemble, one for dance and poem, and each house took turns performing. The night was full of energy, with passionate cheering from each house (especially a lot of “hoo-ha mandela” and “Te-re-sa”). Performances were extremely well executed, all of them deserving the huge applause they received. The results came down to the wire and the judges had a difficult time deciding… Eventually, following last year’s win from Mandela, Pankhurst brought back the cup by winning both song and dance.

House points are valuable and winning matters. However, more importantly, I feel the event really brought the community together. As a participant, new friends were made and already existing friendships were further strengthened from practicing and going through this process together. It was a great experience in which I’m sure all participants are glad they took part – especially if you performed for Pankhurst!

Thibault Lequex – F4