Hollowford 2019

Hollowford is the place where we (Form 4 students) all recently stayed for 3 days, located in the Peak District – a national park.

As for the activities, I liked rafting because it was very good for team building and getting to know others. At first, I didn’t know some of the students very well, but through building our own raft and racing with the other teams, I got to know them more. Caving, weaseling and rock climbing were all very challenging and exhilarating experiences too. I got to overcome my fear of darkness and claustrophobia! For example, during our caving session, we got to experience pure darkness. We turned off our lights and opened our eyes and there wasn’t even a difference with our eyes open or closed! It was really cool.

I enjoyed several other new experiences too. Abseiling was fun and allowed me to encourage my peers and help other people. It was a challenge that also helped students deal with the fear of heights, and it was beautiful going down the bridge. Hiking made me realise that I am actually stronger and fitter than I thought. At first, I didn’t think that I would be able to walk up the mountain for very long… But, I can do it – and did, and surprisingly, I enjoyed it very much. The scenery up there was just stunning!

Throughout the trip, we got to hang out with our friends and make new friends whist trying new activities. We had lots of fun together. After our activities, we always had time to relax and spend time talking and laughing too. The overall experience was thrilling, amazing and certainly memorable. We learnt new skills that I don’t think we would have had a chance to do so without Hollowford.

Praew – F4

Hollowford has been one of the most captivating and challenging weekends I’ve experienced in my life. From weaseling between rocks to creating your own raft with your team, the campsite allowed me to experience the largest range of outdoor activities that I could imagine.

The instructors were all extremely welcoming at our arrival on the campsite and made settling in incredibly easy, with thorough explanations of where to go at all times and where things were. The rooms were also incredibly clean making a comfortable experiencing of living there. To make things even easier for us, equipment could be lent from the outdoor centre so we did not potentially ruin our own clothes.

Personally, one of my favourite activities was rock climbing. Although it was quite painful and rough on my fingers, I enjoyed it the vast majority of the time – particularly as I experienced something that a normal climbing centre did not have… We were given the opportunity to climb on natural rock formations instead of man-made ones. This gave me a sense of achievement and admiration on the power of mother nature.

Overall, the trip was a blast, and if I had the choice I would definitely go again.

Chester – F4