Debate Ed 2019

On 16th March 2019, Form 3 participated in a day-long debating competition called ‘Debate Ed’ at Shrewsbury College. For the first part of Concord’s academic year, a dozen Form 3 students have dedicated an hour per week to develop their skills in debating, in ‘Speak Society’. Although there are a variety of public speaking abilities in the group, each student has shown tremendous diligence and perseverance throughout the course of the year. They were ready for a debate competition.

The competition consisted of three rounds and then a final – a British parliamentary style debate: two proposition and opposition teams. The eight students from Concord who attended were in teams of two and had prepared for one motion in advance: ‘This house would require citizens to pass a general knowledge test to be able to vote’. This was the motion for the first round and I am aware that Concord debated well, receiving 1st and 2nd place scores from the judges. In my experience, I used my five-minute time allowance, following a concise structure and logically developed arguments to earn a 1st place finish. The training I had received from Concord and Speak Soc had really helped, especially debating with older students from other year groups. The second and third rounds covered women in the media industry and the NHS system. Concord’s Team D managed to reach the finals and performed well considering the high standard of competition.

Due to Concord’s kind and sociable nature, all teams thoroughly enjoyed interacting with the other schools, displaying admirable sportsmanship. For those who had not attended a debate competition before, Debate Ed served as a good experience – experiencing public speaking, debating against people who they hadn’t met before, performing under the stress and time pressure of the competition. Whilst the debate competitions I have attended before have been heavily judged on content, Debate Ed was more judged on style and delivery. Therefore, I thoroughly enjoyed receiving feedback from the judges on how to develop my public speaking style, making me a more well-rounded public speaker. To conclude, the Form 3s represented Concord College exceptionally, gaining both experience and enjoyment from the event.

Seb – F3