Chinese New Year Dinner 2019

“Come on, stop asking for red packets. Come to the table now, the dishes are getting cold!” I can still clearly picture the scene – my mother gathering all the members of my family, when we celebrate the Lunar New Year together back at home in China.

As we all know, within China, traditions of celebrating the Chinese New Year vary from place to place. However, the most important custom has to be the occasional gathering of families for the annual reunion dinner. Families will clean their houses thoroughly in order to sweep away any ‘bad fortune’ at the start of the year. Windows and doors are well decorated with red paper-cuts and couplets too.

I had never thought about having such a memorable New Year celebration here in the UK with my best friends, until I actually attended it with Concord. I heard my classmates discussing the exciting New Year dinner hosted last year and thought it must be a good chance to experience Chinese New Year in the UK. So, I signed up for the trip as soon as the poster was put up in Main Hall with my friends.

We all arrived at the restaurant on time and waited for the dishes to be served. “I hope you guys will enjoy the delicious food! We are going to do a lottery in a minute, presents and red packets will be given to the lucky tables. We wish you all the best in 2019!” The food served was traditional Chinese food which really brought up some great memories of mine. Everyone was desperate to share the interesting things that happened in the previous year, as well as the personal goals they made for the coming year. You could easily tell the mood just by looking at the big smiles appearing on everyone’s faces!

I truly want to say thank you to all the members of the Chinese Society and the Concord staff who put a lot of effort into organising this absolutely extraordinary trip for us. I believe that the delicious food, the laughter, the happiness and all the well-wishes we received on that day will stay in our memories forever.

Happy New Year!

Other student feedback:

“The dinner was fantastic and the restaurant was great – even better than the one we went to last year. Thanks to the students and teachers for organising such great evening for us!” – Starry, F4

“A very well organised New Year dinner. I hope more spaces are available to students next time, so more people can go.” – Anson, F4

“I really enjoyed the day and the meal and I believe that everyone else did as well. We had a great time chatting and eating with our friends, even though our families were not around to celebrate with.” – Carolyn, F5

Tina (Lower School Head of Chinese Society) – F4, and Starry – F4