Before the ‘Forever Friends’ Concert

On 15th March 2018 the Form 4 BTEC Music group will be hosting a charity concert in support of the inspirational charity Blue Cross. This charity helps both people and animals alike, providing home and healthcare for injured and abandoned pets all across the UK, and training service animals for terminally ill patients. We strongly believe that this incredible charity deserves our support, hence why we are hosting the ‘Forever Friends’ charity concert in their name.

In preparation for this evening (that we personally anticipate to be an ‘award winning’ night), our team has been working hard planning assemblies and ticket sales. After many thorough meetings we believe we have organised a night that will rival past concerts. Part of this complex but exciting planning period was filled with auditions for performers and musicians. All I can say is we were not prepared for the level of talent presented to us. The brilliant variety of musical pieces left our judges stunned and impressed, but scared of the decisions they had to make regarding the schedule, due to limited time space on the night. The standards of the performances bestowed upon us an extremely difficult selection period. However, after several intense meetings, we are confident to have assembled an exciting and beautiful range of performers who promise to make the evening a must-see event.

We anticipate that the ‘Forever Friends’ concert will not only prove to be a magnificent event, but a great way of relaxing before the upcoming examination period, that we all know can be a cause of stress for students – particularly those faced with the daunting GCSEs. This year, it’s a time where friends can come together to support their peers and enjoy a night of beautiful, exciting and moving music.

The concert will take place in the Theatre from 7:30pm – 9:30pm and is open to both students and parents.

Olivia – F4