At Concord College music plays a central role in the creative life of the school and in the cultural and artistic development of all students. Because of the college’s international status there is a wealth of musical tradition from around the world. The music department strives to provide a platform for all those students who want to share their musical talents and cultural heritage

The music department believes that musical potential should be fulfilled according to individual ability and that a wide range of opportunities is made available to all in order to allow individuals to realise their potential. The team of music teachers and visiting music staff works with the conviction that pupils see music as offering a rewarding and enjoyable experience. Our highest priority is to ensure that this happens in practice and that we continue to promote and nurture the enjoyment of music.

The curriculum is structured around the three key skills of performing, composing and listening/appraising and their interrelationship. All Form 3 (Year 9) pupils have two forty minute lessons each week. A varied, project-based curriculum engages the students by relating to their own personal experiences and existing musical tastes. There is a strong emphasis on student led practical music-making, performing and improvisation. In addition, all Form 3 pupils have the opportunity to benefit from our music enrichment programme by taking part in the samba band, which forms part of their activities programme.

At Year 10 and 11 and in the sixth form (Year 12 & 13) pupils follow the BTEC Level 2 and Level 3 qualifications respectively. BTECs offer a practical, project based approach, as an alternative to the more traditional GCSEs and A Levels. Students can choose from a number of units for which they have to present evidence, based on actual real-life scenarios. This allows them to demonstrate their independent learning skills and knowledge by managing their own progress, with the support of the teacher. Assessment is by assignment and external assessment (Level 2 only). Results are graded as Pass/Merit/Distinction, which are equivalent to A*/C at GCSE and A level.

Pupils’ work is enhanced and supported by the wide provision of extra-curricular music, ranging from choirs, orchestras and jazz, rock and samba bands to music technology. In addition the department provides numerous opportunities to hear professional performances at the highest level both within Concord and beyond.

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