The Mathematics Department is based on the upper floor of the Jubilee Block with more than ten well-equipped rooms with interactive whiteboards. The department is excellently resourced, and the diverse staff body of 18 teachers is very well qualified with many years of teaching experience. There is a clear enjoyment of the subject within the staff with many discussions about mathematical problems and sharing of ideas and resources. During lessons students are given every opportunity to ask questions and discuss matters about which they may be unsure. Progress is monitored through regular setting and marking of prep and the staff work together to produce weekly tests that best help the students make progress in their courses.

The department offers a large range of courses throughout the age range of the college. In the Lower School we teach IGCSE Mathematics to all students covering topics in number, algebra, geometry and statistics. The most able also follow a course in Additional Maths, which builds on and extends the IGCSE work. GCSE Statistics is also offered as an option.

In the Upper School the vast majority of students study Mathematics at A level either as a single course or, for those wanting to take two Mathematics A levels, we offer a ‘Maths and Further Maths’ combination. The A level courses include algebra, coordinate geometry, functions, calculus, statistics, probability and mechanics. The depth to which these are studied is determined by the choice between studying one or two A levels in Mathematics. The results in all of these subjects are excellent with very large numbers of students achieving the highest grade and many going on to study mathematical subjects at top universities.

The department works hard to satisfy students of all abilities and we offer a great deal of additionalprovision. For students wanting to study Mathematics beyond A level there are extra sessions looking at ‘Oxbridge’ style entrance papers. There are also support sessions in both the Upper and Lower Schools for those students who need extra help with their studies. There are large numbers of students participating in Mathematics competitions, Olympiads and Team Challenges each year with leading performances in the national competitions a regular outcome. In fact our Senior Mathematics Team have twice finished third in the National Final in London.

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