For young people it is not always obvious where life will lead.  This is often even more the case when a student is very talented as there are so many potential paths open to them. 

As far as future careers are concerned, we find that some of our students have clear goals when they arrive, but for others this is a much harder decision to make.  To help students (and their parents) to make an informed and sensible decision all students at Concord are given specialist careers guidance.

This careers guidance will normally involve a student taking a three hour, psycho-metric and aptitude style test either during their GCSE course or on entry to 6.1.  The results of this test are used to give the student and their family a wide number of suggestions of possible university course and career choices.  This is then followed by a small group interview with an external careers counsellor as well as several conversations with the student’s Concord tutor.  In this way, it is hoped that the student is able to make a balanced and informed decision regarding their chosen career choice.

Work experience can be an important element of making a choice of university course and career.  Guidance on appropriate placements and on relevant university courses can be found in Concord’s Career’s Library and can be discussed with the Head of Careers, the Library staff and the with the student’s Tutor, Head of House and subject teachers.