A significant number of Concordians go on to study medicine each year.  It is probably the most popular of all courses to which Concord students apply each year. 

However, it is not an easy process, nor is medicine right for all students.  It is not enough simply to be intelligent: grades will not be enough to enable a student to enter medical school.  There also needs to be clear evidence of effective communication skills, demonstrable love of science, effective team-working skills and the ability to manage time effectively.  In addition, it is expected that applicants to medical school will have undertaken a period of work experience: this is normally arranged by the student or their family.  It is worth saying that such work experience may be directly related to medicine, but could also involve working in a caring environment such as a children’s home, old people’s home or hospice.

Concord arranges considerable support for student applying to medical school.  Concord’s specialist programme includes seminars by practising doctors, talks by medical school admissions tutors, discussions of medical ethics, additional classes on science for medical purposes as well as specific interview training for the various forms of medical interview.  In addition, training is given to assist students who sit the UKCAT and BMAT tests.  Support is also given to assist students to apply for medical school outside the UK.

Concord also has a very active ‘Medics’ Society’: this is a student-led society that meets regularly and that discusses issues of current medical interest that may be in the news or that students have read about.  This is invaluable as a means of developing self-awareness and confidence, both of which are so important to te interview process and to the practice of medicine.