Drama at Concord is taught as a primarily practical subject and lessons are mainly taught in the school theatre in the Morris Building. This is an impressive space with a full lighting rig, excellent sound equipment and projector. The subject is taught by a qualified and experienced Drama and English teacher.

In Form 3 all students have two lessons a week of practical Drama. This course is a foundation for enhancing skills such as observation, listening, concentration and team work. The students experiment with voice, face and movement and perform both improvised and scripted pieces. Students also get the chance to write their own radio play and produce their own ‘pop’ video, as well as performing at a local nursery school.

Drama is offered as a GCSE (Edexcel) in Form 4 and 5. The course is heavily practical, with two teacher-assessed workshops, followed by an externally marked performance unit. The students are required to complete written responses to their practical work. The course is demanding as it calls for both practical skill and academic analysis, as well as exceptional personal and social attributes such as maturity, self-discipline and cooperation. Students enjoy the imaginative freedom of the course and are rewarded when they share the outcome of the dramatic process with others.

Many students who take Drama at this level also enjoy getting involved in related extra-curricular events such as the house arts competition, the winter concert and Drama Club productions. They also get the chance to see at least two live theatre productions each year (a requirement of the GCSE).

Drama GCSE is a new subject to Concord, but already the class sizes are indicative of the demand for this creative and challenging subject.

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