The size of the Chemistry department has grown markedly over the past six years as the popularity of the subject has grown. During this time the number of students taking the subject has almost doubled, however the aim of the department has remained the same; to provide high quality courses which inspire students to continue to study the subject into the sixth form and beyond.

There are six full time Chemistry teachers and one part time teacher in the department. All of the staff are well qualified and experienced with a passion for the subject. The department is housed in the Science block and operates from five well equipped Chemistry laboratories. Practical work is an important part of the courses offered by the department as a means of enthusing students, reinforcing theoretical knowledge and for assessment purposes.

In Form 3 (Year 9) Chemistry is taught as part of a combined science course via a modified version of the ASE Segue course. In Forms 4 and 5 (Years 10 & 11) students follow a separate Chemistry GCSE course offered by the AQA board (Specification A, 4402).

The students study a variety of fundamental topics which will underpin their further science studies at A level and equip students with the skills to understand and analyse scientific data. In the sixth form students follow the OCR Specification A course to achieve either an AS qualification (H034, Units F321 – F323) or a full A level (H434, F321 – F326).

In addition to the academic courses, the department also offers support classes to students and the chance to participate in a variety of extracurricular activities including lecture trips, additional practical work and the RSC Chemistry Olympiad.

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