The Art School comprises a suite of rooms incorporating seven studio spaces in all. Two of these spaces are dedicated to lower school groups, three are used primarily by sixth formers (with A Level students allocated their own work areas) and two are specifically dedicated to Photography and Printmaking / Ceramics. Located just off campus in the village of Acton Burnell, in beautiful grounds with stunning views of the local landscape, the Art School offers a tranquil, yet hardworking environment where students are encouraged to explore their creative potential and develop skills in a range of media.

Studying Art and Design gives students the practical skills for communicating and expressing ideas, feelings and meaning. It also helps develop investigative, analytical, experimental and interpretative capabilities, aesthetic understanding and critical skills. It is our aim to offer the full OCR Art and Design suite but most students follow a course in Fine Art as this allows a much broader approach and incorporates a number of different endorsements. Depending upon individual strengths and experience, Photography and Textiles are also popular, with particularly talented and creative students encouraged to undertake two courses of study, if appropriate. The department as a whole is very well resourced with experienced staff, an extensive library of books and networked Macs and PCs, all of which have Adobe CS installed for all students to use. Through numerous gallery visits and trips across the school year, students are encouraged to develop knowledge and understanding of art, craft and design in contemporary societies and in other times and cultures by looking at the work of other artists and making connections to their own work and ideas. Annual trips to Liverpool / Manchester, London and The New Gallery Walsall compliment studio work, and the department is committed to taking a group of students on a cultural trip to New York City every two years to broaden their Art experience still further.

In their lessons, all Form 3 students are introduced to drawing and a variety of mark-making techniques as they explore the fundamental artistic elements of line, tone and form. Students are then encouraged to develop a working understanding of perspective and colour through a number of projects and themes. In Form 4 and 5, students are encouraged to develop existing skills and are introduced to more printmaking, painting and various mixed media techniques. This leads to a much more personal portfolio of work as students become increasingly aware of themselves as individuals and how they can best express this through a series of connected works. Students studying Art at AS and A Level explore their ideas in a range of media from negotiated starting points and resulting portfolios are a vital part of the application process for any student wishing to study Art and Design or Architecture at university. The department also presents an annual Fashion Show in which students are offered yet another creative outlet and encouraged to link their portfolio projects to designs which can be worn on the catwalk. The show itself is organised by students who are guided by department staff and the resulting event is a wonderful showcase for the talent and creativity of our young artists and quite unlike anything else seen at Concord.

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