Academic Enrichment

Concord is an academic school: we are committed to the concept that learning continues when students leave the classroom. Some of this learning is informal, but some is more formally organised through Concord’s academic enrichment programme.

Academic enrichment can take many forms. It may range from subject clinics for students who need a little more support in a particular subject, to teacher-led clubs where teachers and students share an enthusiasm to student-led academic societies meeting weekly to discuss topics of mutual interest. Examples of such societies are the Physics Club, the Law Society, the Medics Society and the Philosophy Club, though there are (and have been) many others.

We also seek to enrich the curriculum more formally with participation in academic competitions. Students at Concord regularly enter national and international competitions to test their skills and understanding against a wider cohort. In recent times, this has led Concord students to participate in Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Economics, History and Philosophy competitions with many notable successes.

Students are also encouraged to participate in academic trips which – directly or indirectly – support their subjects. This may mean a visit to a lecture at Birmingham University, to a place of scientific interest or to travel further afield to France, Germany or even Iceland for research or fieldwork.

Overall, through Concord’s academic enrichment programme students are encouraged to explore their subject beyond the syllabus and to understand that learning is a process over which they take ownership, rather than something which is ‘done to them’.

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